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Business Certification Information
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Miller & Long DC, Inc.
Description: Concrete construction including formwork, reinforcing, placing and finishing. Primarily focused on high-rise construction.
Principal Owner: E. Brett McMahon
Contact Name: Brett McMahon
Address: 5151 WISCONSIN AVENUE NW, Suite 307, WASHINGTON, DC 20016
Fax: (202) 525-4091
Website URL:
Date Established: 3/1/2011
Organization Type: Corporation
Ward: 3
Certification Information
Expire: 8/15/2014
CBE Number: L25657082014
Preference Points: 2 (2 for LBE)

NIGP Codes
Code Description
918-31-00 Construction Consulting
918-32-00 Consulting Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
958-26-00 Construction Management Services
958-77-00 Project Management Services

Trade Divisions
Trade Division Code Sub-Division Description

Activity Information
Type Percentage of diversity
Construction/Contracting 100 %