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District Enterprise Zone Finder
A variety of incentive programs are available to help District businesses obtain financing, reduce their costs, and compete for business opportunities with the District.
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Enterprise Zone*

Economic Development Zones*
  Enterprise Zones and Economic Development Zones are both areas in the District designated by law to provide special initiatives that stimulate economic growth and job development. Programs include taxable and tax-exempt revenue bonds to finance the acquisition, construction and renovation of a wide array of capital projects owned by private enterprises and nonprofit institutions; wage credits and additional expensing allowance; a zero federal capital-gains tax rate on certain investments; and tax-exempt bond financing. Businesses that are located within either of these zones and have received a "DZE" certification from DSLBD will also be eligible for two preference points and a two-percent price reduction for proposals and bids. Select an icon to the left to see the boundaries of either zone and print the maps to help you choose your business location. For more details, please see the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development website.

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Enter an address to see if it is located in the District Enterprise Zone (EZ)
  Examples: 441 4th Street NW, 421 Alabama Avenue SE